Prophecy Girl - Cecily White *Actual rating on my blog is 3.5 stars.When approached about reviewing this book I was super excited and accepted right away. The synopsis had me intrigued. Demon slaying, a mystery, murders, and a romance! I'm not typically an angel book reader, but this one caught my attention and it was a really great read! I have gotten away from reading a lot of paranormal so I think it was a nice change.Amelie is a character that took a bit to grow on me. She is impulsive, a bit annoying, and a total rule breaker. She could be really funny at times though, and she is not about to take anyone's crap or listen to what people say if she doesn't agree. She is a bit obsessive over Jack upon just meeting him, which at first made me roll my eyes because it screamed insta-love, but I give the author props for having a good reason behind it. Anyways, there is much more to her than even she knows, and with Jack's help she unravels things. She is also a little naive about some things, but she is a teenager and her whole crush and stuff does cloud her mind. She's also in danger so ya know. She's not exactly thinking straight.Jack was just okay to me. He's got a lot of stuff going on and he knows some questionable people. He is also keeping quite a big secret from Amelie. Honestly he was a good guy and all and he's strong and smart, but he just didn't really do much for me. He was good for Amelie though. He somewhat kept her from doing completely stupid things, though just barely.This was a little predictable, but an interesting book. There was plenty of action and adventure, and just enough mystery to give it that extra push of awesome!! I thought that the romance was done well. It didn't overshadow the main story, but it was very much there. More so because Amelie is so insistent on it even if Jack is trying to keep her at a distance. When it all came together I thought it was really well done. It wasn't anything that blew my mind, but I really did enjoy this book and will continue on with the series.