The Collector - Victoria Scott Okay, I am always nervous when going into a book that is super hyped up, but I had no need to worry with this one!! This completely lived up to my expectations! It had a little bit of everything!! Action, suspense, romance, humor, and some parts that will almost bring you to tears. (Well, I do tend to be totally over sensitive.) The characters were so great that I couldn't help but fall in love with them and become invested in the story and what happened!Dante was every bit as amazing as I was hoping he would be. Actually, more than I hoped he would be!! He can come try to take my soul any day! Not only is he drool worthy, he's charming, funny, and yes, he is actually sweet too!! Now he doesn't start off very likable. (Okay, I lie. Even though he was a total douche, I still liked him.) He has a beyond huge ego and arrogance that makes you want to smack him, but you can't help being drawn to him anyways. When you know you are awesome, why not flaunt it! Besides, he loves red and hates cats! My type of guy right there! Anyways, I am getting way off course. So he's not all Mr. Tough Guy really, he tries to be, but Charlie makes him want to be a better person. I loved watching his emotions change and seeing the good side of him come out while he left parts of the bad boy behind.Charlie was great!! She was the nerdy chick who doesn't fit in. She has some awesome friends, but she's not in anyway popular. She's pretty much a nerd without super good looks and designer clothes. She has a pure soul and hasn't really done many things that would taint her soul. She truly cares about people and the world in general and does what she can to make a difference. She is happy with herself the way she is, but she starts to want to be hotter and better for Dante and it was actually sad watching her go through that. She may not have looked perfect on the outside, but what is inside was pretty close to it!I really enjoyed the interactions and the relationship between Charlie and Dante. She is totally different than what he expected, and he has his work cut out for him, but the more time he spends with her, the more he questions himself and if it's right to do this. He has never let a job become personal before, but Charlie is different somehow. She sees the good in him even though he doesn't even think it exists.The storyline was awesome. I loved the cast of characters and how much growth they had. There are also a few secrets that get uncovered and a twist ending that although didn't shock me, was a pleasant surprise. I am now dying for the next book already. This book hooked me and I devoured it as fast as I could! Victoria Scott has created a world and characters that you can easily fall in love with!!