Just Breathe (Just Breathe, #3) - Kendall Grey Okay, I am going to try to do this as eloquently as I can. Who am I kidding? I am a total flailing Kendall Grey fan girl! I have loved this series so much since the first book, and my love has just grown with each installment. The world, the characters, the smexy! Everything! Kendall is fantastic at pulling you into this world and not letting you out. The visual imagery and the emotions of this series, and this book are just amazing! I can honestly say I have become fully invested in the story, and the characters feel like my friends. They don't feel like characters in the pages of a book. I feel for them, I ache for them, I want to know what they are doing. They feel real to me!! I am sad to let them go, but I loved how this book ended.Zoe has always been an amazing character to me, but with all that she has been through and all that she is facing in this book, she really finds a place in my heart. She is so strong, but broken. Hurt and betrayed feeling, but still forgiving and trusting. And on top of all that, she is completely dedicated to her mission and no matter what will not let anything or anyone get in the way of completing it! What I love the most about her, is the realness of her personality. She is totally someone that I could relate to and someone I would love to be friends with. I admire her strength and her selflessness.Gavin broke my heart in this one. He is so torn up over the events that happened and he is starting to spiral down into a dark place. I was so afraid he would let it take over him and he would lose himself, the caring and amazing Gavin that Zoe brings out. He makes a lot of really stupid decisions, but it's not really the choices he makes that are bad, it's the way he goes about it that is. He is shutting everyone out, but still trying to keep Zoe while not being totally straightforward with her. He is afraid of hurting her more, so he keeps her in the dark about some things instead of trusting that she would understand. It was tearing me apart to see how much it was all hurting him, but I also loved the inner strength he had because of how much he cares about Zoe.I don't want to go into any details since this is spoiler free, but this book was just so amazing!! It made me feel EVERYTHING!! I mean it. I went from smiling like a goof, to tense beyond belief, to absolute rage (Yes, that is most definitely brought on by none other than Scarlet), to wanting to bawl my eyes out. The feels that I got from this book is only a small part of why I loved it so much though. This book has everything that is necessary for me to love a book. Humor, suspense, action, tension, romance, and most importantly, a fantastic ending that was satisfying and awesome!! I can't wait to see what else Kendall Grey has in store for us in the future, but whatever it is, I know it will be just as amazing as she is!