Demon Royale - Jill  Cooper Having enjoyed the first book Dream Slayer, I was excited to jump back into the story. I was curious as to how the real world and the dream world were affected y the events at the end of Dream Slayer, and how things were going to work out for Natalie. This jumped right back into the action and adventure. I still found myself slightly disoriented and confused at first while gong from the real to dream worlds, but settled back in after a few chapters. Natalie keeps having fainting spells and is not well, so it's hard for her to do what she needs to protect everyone. She's also worried about her dream alter ego, The Slayer since when things happen to one of them, it happens to the other. (Like getting an injury or curse) Now the lines between real and dream are starting to blur and the situation is getting intense. Natalie can feel what The Slayer does and somehow they are more connected than ever. Some one is out to get Natalie and she needs to figure out who and why before the town is taken over by evil. I found her to be a bit on the dramatic side sometimes and also whiny and easy to want to give up, but with the help of her friends she does find the strength to do what she needs to. Tristan is still the great and understanding friend he's always been, but I love seeing the really sweet and protective side to him too. Even though Natalie is a powerful Paladin, he still feels the need to protect her. As for Michelle, she's still selfish and totally self-centered, but she really cares about Natalie and it shows. Marcus, who annoys me to no end surprises me with some very insightful and touching advice for Natalie.Demon Royale was filled with more danger, more action, and more romance than the first book. Now that more secrets have been revealed, I am really looking forward to where the story will go from here. With how the real and dream worlds seem to be getting more and more blurred together, I only hope that my confusion will be kept to a minimum. Overall, this was a wonder follow-up to Dream Slayer.