Glitch - Heather Anastasiu *2.5 stars rounded up to 3I honestly don't know what to say about this book. Let me start off by saying I was totally drawn to it due to the spectacular cover. Really, I absolutely love it!! The synopsis also sounds awesome!! Here's the thing though. I think it could have been really amazing, but it just fell short for me. I didn't really connect with the characters, and overall it was just okay to me. I didn't hate it, it just didn't do anything for me.Zoe was not really a character I could connect with. She is one of the Glitcher's. What happens is, for some reason some of the teenagers glitch and can feel emotion and disconnect from the link. (when on the link they are being controlled basically and they don't have feelings or emotions besides pain.) It seems that all the Glitcher's have some extra power for some reason. I am assuming it comes from the v-chip somehow when their minds glitch or override it, but it was never really gone into. Zoe's power is Telekinesis. Pretty cool power to have, but she doesn't quite know how to turn it on or off or control it. She also doesn't really know what her emotions really mean, so she is trying to learn what the feelings she is having are. It's pretty overwhelming. She also doesn't know who to trust and who is working for the community and who is working for the resistance, but she knows that she needs to get out of there and that she is in danger.Adrien works for the resistance. He can see glimpses of the future, especially when the situation is dangerous. Since he had been having visions of Zoe for a while, he actually kind of knows her pretty well, and of course is in love with her. It's actually pretty sweet. Even though at times I was a little confused at what Adrien's motives were, I did like him. I think he seems like the most realistic character of all of them. He has been living on the surface not being controlled by the community, so I guess it makes sense he would seem the most normal out of them.Then there's Max. Oh, don't get me started on this boy! I could not stand him!! Right from the start I just felt he wasn't right. He is a totally jerk. I wanted to friggin smack him almost every single scene he was in. I tried my hardest to think that he just is overwhelmed with his emotions and feelings and didn't know how to act or what to do with them, but it didn't work. Zoe didn't seem to be flying off the handle like he was. He was just mean and angry and scary. Totally possessive of Zoe too, like she belonged to him. She in a way leads him on, but she doesn't do it intentionally. She is his friend, but he wants more. He can change the way people see him, so he can basically turn into anyone. Convenient for sure, but he uses it in really sneaky and wrong ways at times.Now I will tell you what bothered me about this book. We get some information, like why they live under the surface and what happened to lead to it, but we don't really get to know much about the community. We know that everyone gets a v-chip that makes them for the most part like robots. They don't feel, they just do want they are supposed to do. What they are told to do. Adults supposedly never glitch because they have a permanent chip. Before adulthood they chips are different because their brains are still developing. When the teenagers glitch, they feel emotions, but don't know what they are. There were so many points in the story when Zoe is thinking something, but uses an emotion she doesn't really know. For example, at one point she says that someone looks livid. How would she even know what that is? She doesn't even know what sorry, or jealous, or other things are. That really bothered me. I also felt like a lot of things in the book were really just unnecessary filler type things. A lot of the book was just really slow and I was getting a bit bored.I liked the idea of the community controlling them and setting up the whole v-chip thing. It's interesting and totally something that I could see maybe happening in the very distant future. (Well, the government trying anyways) I also liked the idea of a resistance fighting against it from the outside, and also having spy's planted on the inside too. The extra powers that the Glitcher's have are interesting. I would have liked a little more explanation about them though.Even though this book didn't wow me. I thought it was okay, and the series has potential. I am a bit disappointed that this wasn't as good to me as I wanted it to be, but not every book can be a winner. I have seen some excellent reviews for this book, so it could just be me. Maybe I am getting a little dystopian burn out. Who knows. I think a lot of people will really like this one, it just wasn't for me.