The Last Bastion of the Living: A Futuristic Zombie Novel - Rhiannon Frater I'm going to start this review by saying I have some major friggin love for Rhiannon!! She is seriously awesome. So you all know that I totally love the As The World Dies series so I was super excited to read yet another zombie novel written by her. This book was incredibly amazing!! I was instantly hooked. By the end of the Prologue I knew I was going to devour it and love it!! I loved the characters, I loved the setting, and I loved how invested I became. This book is full of action, surprises, and emotion. It is told from Maria and Dwayne's POV's and it couldn't have been done better. I could feel their every emotion. I was so caught up in them and everything else they were going through. Maria is one bad ass chick!! She has seen a lot of death, she has fought the Inferi Scourge. When she is sent on a special top secret mission, she is scared, but is totally invested on getting rid of the Inferi Scourge for the good of everyone. She is highly trained, very healthy, and as far as the Science Warfare Division knows, unattached. She takes on the mission, but things aren't really as they seem. I can't really go into it without ruining anything so I won't, but I will tell you that she is much tougher than I could ever be and accepts what is happening because she wants to get rid of the Inferi Scourge for good. Through all of this she still has a means of communication with Dwayne and every time they talk, I feel for her. Even if they only have a minute, you can feel how much she loves him and it was breaking my heart for her to be away from him in this situation. Dwayne is much older than Maria. She actually had saved his life in the last push against the Inferi Scourge. At that time he was married so there was nothing between them. They grew closer while they were both in rehab after that battle, and eventually got together. Dwayne is still going through his divorce so they are keeping their relationship secret, but he is absolutely the sweetest person. I love how much you can tell he loves her. Dwayne is so worried about Maria and he has inside contacts that are working to try to get him information about the mission. He finds out that there has been a lot of lying going on, and besides the Inferi Scourge things are getting really bad. I love what he is willing to do and sacrifice for Maria. He is the total package. The perfect guy for her. I just loved him. I really don't know what else I can say without saying too much. I am just about bouncing in my seat wanting to tell you about this book, but I don't want to give anything away. I will tell you that these Inferi Scourge are not like your typical zombie, in fact they are not really considered zombies at all. The virus that makes them Inferi Scourge actually preserves them, so they aren't rotting and they don't eat people. They bite to infect and that's it. Yes they are walking dead people, but at least they won't eat your brains. The other thing I loved that is lacking in a lot of books, is the information on how things got the way they are. I am picky, I like to know the how's and why's and this book does just that. Beyond that it's just an amazing book. There is some awesome action scenes, a lot of tense moments, and yes, things that totally took me by surprise!!! That is not an easy task. I totally didn't see some things coming which had a pretty big shock factor. I think more than anything, I loved the connections to the characters. Whether it was a character I loved, or one that I didn't, I still really felt like I was part of this story. There are a few characters that we get to know really well, and it's emotional reading them going through some things. Other characters I wanted to jump into the pages and drop kick them in the face. This is a pretty intense book too. Even when things are slower paced, there is still that tension lingering. It was fantastic in every way. I didn't think it was lacking anything. When I finished it and put it down I was still thinking about it for days. Oh, and the ending...I think it was perfect. Yup, that's right. PERFECT!!!