Shatter Me  - Tahereh Mafi I was highly anticipating this book forever. The cover is beautiful, and the book just sounded amazing. It was worth the wait. I thought it was absolutely great. It was a unique and interesting story. I just couldn't stop reading. Juliette can't touch anyone without causing harm. The book starts with her imprisoned, and you make an instant connection with her. Your heart breaks for her that she has never had the love of her parents or friends. After she is taken from the isolation of being imprisoned to a headquarters where she is expected to be used as a weapon, you really get to see how strong she is. In more ways than one. She is mentally tough, and totally bad ass chick when she is mad or feels the need to protect. Adam is just completely swoon worthy. I swear my heart was melting for half of the book. He has known Juliette since they were kids, before she was taken away. He has always cared about her when no one else did, and for some reason he has immunity to Juliette's touch. The way the romance unfolds is beautiful and sweet. (and hot!) He says all the right things, and some of the thoughts that she has in her head are just absolutely amazing. You can feel how much they care about each other. I really liked that it wasn't an unbelievable fall in love too quick thing for a change too. They have known each other for a long time, and even though they never interacted, they watched each other and loved each other for a long time. He knew everything about her and it was so touching. I love Adam's character. Some of their interactions took my breath away.I really feel like I am not doing justice to how great I thought this book was. I have all these thoughts in my head, but I can't write them without spoiling it. Tahereh Mafi just did such an amazing job with the character connection, the story line, the romance, everything. I was so sad when the book ended. I wanted more. Needed more. I loved this book and can't wait for the next one.