The First Days (As the World Dies, #1) - Rhiannon Frater I have been wanting to read this series for a while and now I am wondering why in the world I put it off for so long. The good thing about putting it off is that I don't have a torturous wait for the rest of the books in the series. I am going to just devour them one after another!! I was sucked in at the title of the first section for chapter one!! The first paragraph gave me chills. The goosebumps were already out in full force by the time I was done with the first page! I just knew this book would blow my mind! This is book is zombies done right!! I will start off with Jenni. Dude, this chick is a freaking mess, but totally badass. She is a broken woman and not completely right in the head, but it was so great to see how fighting for survival actually brings out a better stronger side of her. She really thrives in this horrible situation. There is so much complexity to her character. I felt bad for her at times, but then at others I really was kind of glad at some of the things that happened that make her be a stronger person and really find herself finally. She is so emotionally fragile inside, and I think that taking revenge on the dead is her way of coping and keeping her sanity.Katie is the tough one at first. She is in absolute emotional turmoil, but the will to survive keeps her strong and in a leadership role. As time passes she seems to fall apart more. She does a good job at keeping it in, but you can see the cracks in her armor. She is a very smart woman, but she really just holds the burden of the world on her shoulders. She has a hard time trying to except that she can't change things and that she has to let go of some of her grief. It's almost as if her and Jenni are switching roles mentally. It's really interesting to see their relationship and how dependent they are on each other. They have such an instant connection and strong bond with each other. They are very different people and that makes them such a good team. Then there is Travis and Juan who I totally love. Travis is just made of awesome! He is swoon worthy, takes charge, smart, and very caring. I just love his character. Like Jenni he is a bit fragile on the inside, which makes him that much better. Juan is super funny! I adored him. He is sarcastic, and fun! He really is just trying to make the best of a shitty situation. He is the rugged construction guy who uses sarcasm as a way to masque his fear of what is happening. Both of them are just great characters in their own way, and are also best friends that go perfect together. Juan is a bit rough around the edges, while Travis seems more level-headed. They are both very compassionate, hard working and want the best for everyone though. This book is an action filled non-stop struggle to survive!! It is very intense and emotion filled. I felt such a connection with the characters. This book is just so well written. It is not lacking in anything. The plot, the environment, the characters, all of it is described to perfection so you feel like you are there with them. I had goosebumps through most of the book. I was terrified for all of them. I wanted to shoot those creepy ass zombies in the head!! Most of all, I could totally see this type of thing really happening. I know it sounds paranoid of me, but really. Scientists are probably trying to reanimate people as I write this review! It will be a crazy science experiment gone wrong!! I will be ready when it happens! I don't want to have to see creepy tiny fingers of baby zombies reaching under my door! I just love the no nonsense realistic feel of this book, and I am so excited to start on the next one!!