Shattered Dreams  - Ellie James This book had an interesting synopsis and I really thought it would be great. Unfortunately I wasn't that into it. I did like some of the characters, and the story was okay, but nothing that really kept me engaged and flipping pages to the very end. It was enjoyable enough to read though.Trinity moves to New Orleans to live with her aunt after her Grandmother who she lived with dies. ( I feel like the whole new girl in a new town thing is in every book lately) She wants to fit in, so what better way then to hang out with the "mean girl" type popular cheerleader. She ends up being caught up in Jessica's "game" at an old haunted mansion, but her visions start and she knows there is more going on. She has been told not to let anyone know about her dreams and visions, but when Jessica goes missing she knows she needs to save her. I found myself feeling sorry for Trinity a lot, but also annoyed at her too. She would cry and freak out at the drop of a hat. She just wasn't that believable to me half of the time.Chase, who is Jessica's ex-boyfriend really bugged me. He seemed more creepy and possessive than caring most of the time. Then he would just seem like a robot or something. I couldn't get into his character as much as I tried. I wanted to like him and think that he was what Trinity needed to get her through, but I just didn't feel it.I did like some of the other characters, like Trinity's aunt. She seems like a cool down to earth person, and really caring. You can tell she is torn up about keeping things from Trinity, but she doesn't want to hurt Trinity any more. I also liked Dylan, he was a small part of the story, but I thought his character was more believable that Chase. I hated Amber, but I think you are supposed to. She is the typical mean girl at school, who is now really pissed that her best friend is missing. As much as I disliked her, she felt realistic.The story went along at a steady pace, and unfolded nicely. It was interesting enough that I did want to know how it would end, but I found myself just quickly skimming over a lot so I could read the good parts of the story. I think it's a book that a lot of people will enjoy. It was good, just not blow me away good.